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boarding problems (previously closed)

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Hi Dave,


I'm sorry to say that this topic is not closed. I started the simulator up but I could not board cargo on this occasion. Everything was fine, but there's a 'chip on my shoulder' thinking that the aircraft was not the correct weight.


The worst thing is that when I landed, everything worked - when I used the keys needed to load cargo, it worked, the cargo amount went up from 0, which it wouldn't do from it's departure point.  I wish there was a way for me to share my PC with you so you could see the problem better than I can describe it


I'll continue to try and use the CARGO button in MCDU4, but so far is hasn't worked. GSX is also installed,  but even that doesn't say that it is loading cargo.


Thanks, Gaz

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Gary, you can always download the OBS Studio freeware and make a video of what you're seeing.  It's pretty easy to setup as well, just ignore the stream functions and use "Record" instead.  The OBS website and Youtube has some help for setting up OBS if you need it.





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Afternoon Dave and Gary.I too have gsx 2. With this  new Bus1236 i have to preload the pacs and cargo. it stays orange in the mcdu when loaded after my fuel is on board, btw when i request fuel it loads from gsx, i request boarding in gsx the passengers and cargo start flashing green. if i did not preload and ask for boarding it flashes green but does not increment in the mcdu. cheers mate, Steve Tanner. the old fart.

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OK, the issue is known and we are working on the solution......




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