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Hello Aerosoft,


Just updated to the newest version, after rebooting and getting things sorted. I was rolling on 18L in KCLT with the A321 IAE and it started doing continuous left and right full aileron deflections simultaneously, shortly after take off, around 1500ft AGL it stopped, everything is normal in the climb. Any idea what causes this?


P3D V4.5

Active Sky


Intel I5-3550

Nvidia GTX960

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5 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

With that card and P3D v4.5 I would suggest you are running into very low fps that causes the FBW calculations to run behind the curve.


I'm not sure, it happens wherever I go even before takeoff when i'm just sitting at idle. It's like flying in a MAX... Controls react sluggishly and delayed.

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This only occurs on the A320/A321, I don't how it can be an issue, however you probably know best. However my computer never had issues with FPS and Prepar3D V4. I tested the A319 with no problems whatsoever.


The ailerons only start dancing left and right once throttle is applied.

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Funny cause this happens to me in the opposite form.. A320/21 work fine but A318/19 do the same thing as the problem listed above! I am wondering if it is a EZDOK problem but I get the same behavior with V2 and V3 of EZDOK. When I turn them off and fly stock I still get the same issue with the A318/19. Heres a video of an approach which does the same as take off.  I've noticed that is happens while gear down and flaps 1+f. Also plenty of frames that wouldn't upset the FBW. Thanks for the help if there is any!   P3DV4.5 Latest EZdok versions on both V2 and V3.

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