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Unable to change altitude in FCU in A319 P3D 4.5

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Hi everybody


Today I was attempting a flight between KLAS-KLAX with the A319 CFM Currently I use P3D 4.5 which I upgraded from 4.4 earlier today. In order to upgrade I followed all the recommended steps by Lockheed Martin. Of course I restarted my system before flying.


I load by default the cold and dark state. From there I went to prepare the plane as always during the preflight. Unfortunately, it was impossible to change the altitude in the FCU to other than its default value, in this case 100 ft. All the other knobs and buttons in the FCU seemed to work normally.


I tried just in case pushing and pulling the knob, and also changing between 100 and 1000 feet increments, but it was unsuccesful. Also I tried to load the taxi and takeoff states from the options MCDU. In those cases the default altitude in the FCU changed, but I was unable to change it by myself.


In a possibly related fact, the APU bleed switch didn't work either.


Also, as extra information, 2 days ago I made a flight with the A320 CFM without any issues. However, at that time I was using P3D 4.4

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Okay, this is weird, because I tried to give a second try to the very same flight and there was no issues at all. Probably it was just a random thing

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