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Vertical trim issue

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I'm flying the TwinOtter with great pleasure (P3Dv4.5), but I find the trim a bit complicated to operate. Maybe that's just because I haven't found the right way.


I use FSUIPC with a button on my Saitek yoke for trim Elev. Trim Down and Elev. Trim Up. That works fine as long as the autopilot is not flying the plane. In the descend phase of the flight the AP NAV is still on to keep me on the approach course; ALT is OFF from the beginning of the descend and when I use the button on my yoke to trim, nothing happens. When I check the trimwheel on the side of the captain's seat I see it move and snap back. The only way to trim the bird down is by the trimwheel on the center pole of the yoke. Not very convenient although it does work.


Am I doing something wrong or is this the only way to do it?





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5 hours ago, Dirk-NL said:

Am I doing something wrong or is this the only way to do it?


That is indeed what the thumbwheel on the yoke pedestal is for. Another way to do it is to press the IAS hold button and then reduce power, which will have the collateral effect of descending as there is no auto-throttle. Most conveniently, with neither IAS nor ALT modes selected you should be able to hold down the CWS button on the yoke handle, put the nose where you want it, then let go. Unfortunately this isn't implemented :(. Either way, using elevator trim when the AP is on won't work. Of course if you're really clever you could probably make the trim buttons operate the thumbwheel when the AP is engaged. Likewise, you could implement the CWS button. Each of these would likely need a Lua program to do.

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