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Several questions

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Dear Aerosoft developers!


First, thanks a lot for the Professional version, it seems much complex and realistic, than X one. I have bought Prof yesterday, and try it today. EETN-EPWA flight is successful :),

however, I have some issues, and will be very appreciated if you comment them (I tried to google on the forum, but did't find related info). So :


1. First officer window. I am able to open it, but cannot close, dedicated mouse area does nothing. I have right side window panel on separate monitor

2. Printouts. I can see them on printer, but left mouse click doesn't open it as "plain window" as expected, they just are closed

3. Before start checklist. ATC item. What I should do to pass it?

4. Taxi checklist. Windshear item. What I should do to pass it?

5. I tried a lot to use AOC menu / APP ATIS menu item, but it does nothing.


Thanks a lot for your replies, and thanks again for your great work!

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  1. Have a look into the documentation "Volume4-Systems" and on page 34 it states : To close the window first click the little lever on the window rail to unlock it.
  2. Click on the prints and they will be transferred to clipboard on the captains window - please see
  3. I cannot find any item in the "Before Start CL" named ATC - please specify exactly what you mean resp. when this one is called!
  4. Set the SYST to 1 (ON) and PWS to AUTO
  5. Only WX/ATIS is modelled - but data are available only if F-PLAN is completely filled e.g. DEP and ARR airport must be available and in the MCDU3 the right weather source selected. 

The next time please do not put several items in one thread but create one for each item and save it in the right category. This is also valid if you want more details to one or your subjects.....





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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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