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2 problems with FF 763 help

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Hi. i have 2 issues with the FF 767-300.


1.- When landind and after minimuns advice, the elevators get stucked and i can descend only. Crashed onto ground at 750 fpm. With the out of cabin camera 3rd person, the elevators doesnt move for climb.

2.- At cruise the plane starts to lose speed slowly until stall, overhead panel looks ok, no lights. I turn on the anti-ice since 10ºC to -41ºC.


Both of these problems are random, maybe i can do a 12h flight with no problems or i have an issue with a 2 hours flight.

Challenge options is zero. No failures sceneries loaded. No reports in the failure tab.

I think  I start with these issues with the 2 last updates, maybe before.

I do a maintenance before each flight.

I have done lots of flights with this plane and i know the procedures, where is the problem? Thank you.

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