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I really like the Airbus professional; Yet I have some suggestions

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Hey guys, I really like your work, the Airbus works nicely and I especially like
features like the checklist.
Also the level of complexity is sufficient for my demands and it's fun

to go flying with the plane.


Some things I would really like to see to make the experience even more
pleasurable are e.g.:

- a pop up ND
- even pop up of other displays (for the lucky few who work with more than one monitor)

- like in the version before, the possibility to use ones own voice packs

- in the checklist after takeoff; that the copilot gives some time for the item "lights" in the sim one
cannot just reach up to the upper panel to switch off the lights and the CP keeps nagging...

- solution for the load level issue of the A320 that I have raised already: Only the A320 cannot be loaded with
the standard 25 kgs of baggage for each pax, it works with all the other models.


it shure would be nice to have...

Thanks for the consideration

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