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NavDataPro and TOPCAT


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I joined a discussion recently about the above subject, but being loyal to the forum rules, I strongly feel that here is the correct place for continuing it further. Whoever is interested may wish to check the following link:

The entire point was regarding a very useful tool, which was not supported by NavDataPro due to unknown reasons. I had stated the reply to my support ticket received by the developers of TOPCAT when asked the reason why there was no way to update the airport and RW database for those who are using NavDataPro, which for me is an area of concern. In regards to the above my question to AS and the developers of NavDataPro is Why such useful tool is not supported with necessary database?

This is not the place where I would like to comment why TOPCAT look likes abundant and not supported anymore, however it is a very good tool, which makes the SIM much more realistic when used, especially with its configuration profiles, FLEX temperature, etc. characteristics. Unfortunately and at least as per my researches till moment, there is no similar and complete tool, for generating performance profiles, which are part of every flight plan in RL operation. I would like immediately to mention that the very popular free planning website SimBrief is working with Navigraph also, but not with NavDataPro.

Would appreciate any comments and opinions with thanks.



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