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MCDU and printer freezing

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I was doing a flight between KDCA and CYUL, A319 CFM version, cruising at FL370, not far from KLGA. I was trying to remove a waypoint in my flightplan when suddenly the mcdu froze. I was still able to control the rest of the aircraft, but there was no more mcdu (left and right, settings mcdu still working) and printer. I recorded the issues, saved the logs and  saved my flight via KsimSaver. And then I closed P3D. I restarted P3D and loaded my save. I just had to reload my flightplan, the rest was ok. I am currently finishing my flight. I recorded the issue, the video is not uploaded yet.


This issue also happened to me before (whit the previous version), during a LPPT - LPMA flight (A320 this time if i recall correctly). The same issue happened, and the descent mode froze (the issue happened to me while in descent). The aircraft was not decending, and the speed was not decreasing. I had to do it manually.


Specifications : Windows 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, Intel i5 7600k, P3D version 4.4


Any idea about the origin of the problem ?




EDIT : Video here

KDCACYUL01.flp MCDU + Printer freeze.rar

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Are you able to recreate the issue?

I can't, and the logs didn't help as the FMGS.log is missing in your archive. It would be created if you have the "Logging=1" in the "FMGS.ini".

For now I only could find some problem in my code that could have a relation but not fully sure.

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