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PFPX and FlightFactor 320 Ultimate support for "corte.in" flight plan file format

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Actually tihs plane uses some format that I've never even heard of before called corte.in, which ALL of its flight plans are stored inside of this one file. I hope PFPX will add official support to export to this corte.in file in the next update. Here's an article that I found that explains it in detail:


Flight Plan format “corte.in”
With the release of the Flight Factor/StepToSky A320 Ultimate, I’ve also seen a new flight plan extension.

The A320 Ultimate comes with a flight plan file named corte.in. At first, I thought … oh my goodness, what kind of extension is that and how to deal with it. While searching the Web, I found some useful information at AVSIM and later I found out that Little Navmap, a awesome freeware program, was able to handle and deal with this new flight plan format. That Little Navmap can do a bit more then just creating flight plans and save them in many formats isn’t important for now. Important is that a created flight plan with Little Navmap can save your flight plan in corte.in format.

When you look with a text editor in the corte.in file, it looks like that we’re dealing with a kind of RouteFinder txt format, but sorry to say, it’s a bit different and not “1 to 1” transferrable although it is possible. Find below the listing of which components are mandatory (bold) in this file and what’s optional.


<> – mandatory fields
[ ] – optional

When you know what everything means, you could also edit a corte.in file yourself. but keep in mind that there’s only one corte.ini file that holds all the flight plans. In other words, as an example, the following formats are possible and can be read by the FF A320 MCDU:

I’m aware that these proposed flight plans are very limited, but what I want to make clear is that you always start with RTE, followed by the name of the flight plan, here that’s LFBO01 (02 and 03) but that could be also LFBOEHAM thus the departure and arrival airport. In the LFBO02 I added one waypoint (VOR AGN) while in LFBO03 I added two waypoint (VORs TOU and AGN) connected to each other via the DCT (DIRECT) command, but that could be (not for this) also an airway.

When you understand this, then you can expand your flight plan, keeping in mind the rules to follow. I think I mentioned this before, but it’s important enough to highlight it once more. You can edit your own flight plan directly with a text editor, but in my humble opinion it’s much easier to use Little Navmap to generate the flight plan you want and then export it as corte.in. Just leave the name as it is thus corte.in. It will add the created flight plan to the corte.in file.

Something needs to be highlighted although it’s an optional field; Cost Index. Little Navmap can export if you with everything of the mandatory field and the optional fields except for the CI. After consulting Little Navmap I was informed that it doesn’t support CI. Then you have the possibility to enter the CI via the MCDU what seems to me more logical.

It’s in my humble opinion not normal to have a flight plan that offers already the CI value and other values like a SID, STAR and so on. To me, a flight plan should be a collection of the departure airport, waypoints and the arrival airport. Runways, SID, STARs TRANS(itions), cruizing ALT as well as this CI, should be added once a “clean” flight plan is loaded in the MCDU. This makes a flight plan universal for every flight, at least, that’s the way I see it!

Now that we know this, where can you find the corte.in file?
Look into the aircraft sub-folder data. Another option for creating a flight plan is of course using the MCDU and enter waypoints and/or airways section by section and save the entered flight plan.

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