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Reset Primary MCDU / Clear Flight

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My question today has to do with how a user can recover from a botched  flight plan. Sometimes a flight plan gets messed up and it is best to start over.

I have tried resetting the state to where it started but the messy plan is still there.

So far the only way I have found to do so is to exit P3D and start over.

This seems drastic and there may likely be a known way to get the MCDU back to the init state. Unfortunately my searches have yet to find a reference to such a procedure.

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If you use / load a flightplan just try it again e.g. enter the flightplan like EDDF/EGLL again in the MCDU INIT1 page with LSK1R. If this does not work then try it with another plan and after this one is loaded try it with the previous again.... This should clear the MCDU currupted flight plan.




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Thanks for the reply Rolf,

I shall see how that works out then next time I mess things up.

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