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Aspen photo real scenery

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So i downloaded the updated version from the org store. Also available is an option to download the 10 gigs of area photo real scenery. Since i had already done so when i first purchased i skipped that download. But when i attempt to use that folder for the area, i no longer have the photo real area. Just xp default.  do i need to re-download the entire 10 gigs again?. Is it some how tied into the updated airport?. I just thought that file has not been updated therefore it should still work.  the old version had a file which said autogen. The new one looks like it replaces the autogen folder with uhd mesh folder. Signed confused.  lol.

I haven't tried the winter version yet.


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Ok so I re-downloaded the 10 g or unpacked more like 20 gig mesh.  The only thing which has a winter scene is the airport. And some trees have snow on them and the 1st version of this airport around the airport looks wayyyy better.  The mountains do not turn snow covered even though inside the mesh i see what appears to have snow in the pictures. so i just can not figure this out. I've reverted back to version 1 since it looks way better. see SS. 


top pic winter pic only

middle pic-  ap.  v1 is old version  looks way better.

bottom pic v1.01 is newest which looks like its missing some photo real around the airport .


thanks dave





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