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Even if I put KG's in the Preferred Units option (weight) when I create a flight plan and I open the Summary report, all the weights are in LB's not in Kilo's. What I am doing wrong? I would like to have the report in KG's



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Hi, After a few hour of searching today, I found out that i also need to set the plane in kg mode. So now all is good.


I do have another question, i created a flight plan from LFPG to LIMC, the plane is A318. When i generate the route PFPx created a flight plan at FL190, even if i requested a high level route. When i validate the flight, i get a series of zone violations.  I am not able to create a high level (FL320) flight plan.





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The number of restrictions creates difficulties in automatically generating a route, even for IFPS.


Either disable the restrictions and drill down the list or modify the proposed route until a satisfactory outcome.


As you have not provided any information at all planning here initially routes via LATRA and subsequently low airway A3, clearly not what you require.


Adjusting the departure via OKASI and meeting the required FL at LURAG results in a valid plan (FL capped to 335):


-N0423F330 OKASI UL612 MILPA UM135 MOBLO/N0409F290 UM135 LURAG
 M135 TOP
 EET/LSAC0041 LIMM0048 RVR/75 OPR/ / /

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11 hours ago, pierre fsx said:


This is the plan I was using see attach. I was under the impression that PFPX would deal with all the restrictions. So now I will pay more attention to them. I did not experience this when I was flying the reverse route (LIMC-LFPG)



AFR442 LFPG-LIMC (25-Mar-2019) #1.txt 118.58 kB · 2 downloads


PFPX tries its best to deal with all those restrictions, however even the multi million dollar dispatching programs used by real airlines often can't keep up with the complexity of european airspace. That's why you still have people sitting there, overseeing the whole process and stepping in where the system can't work it out.


Also make sure you download the latest RAD's so that PFPX actually even knows about the restrictions in place! You can find them in the downloadsection here in the forums.

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