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How to join a session as First Officer or Observer (updated!)

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Preparation (none of these things are really needed but they make life a lot easier)

  1. Make sure both pilots are at the same location
  2. Make sure both pilots are in the same aircraft
  3. Make sure both pilots are using the same weather
  4. Make sure both pilots have Crash Detection off.  Not only does this prevents some problems and speeds up the sim, but it is also a very buggy function and most high-end scenery does not contain any crashable objects. So even if it is enabled you can still drive through walls
  5. Get your voice connection working first.


Initialization (all inside the sim)


Note: it is best to do any changes to the settings (like roles) AFTER the connection and session are established!


1) Click to open the Settings MCDU (A318/319/320/321), on the A330 the Settings MCDU is the third MCDU:



2) The Settings MCDU will show, click CONNECTED FLIGHT DECK






4)  when a connection is made it will show CONNECTED. This means you are connected to the server.



5)  Enter the Session ID and Password you got from the Captain on the Scratchpad and insert it by clicking the buttons. For the options, we suggest picking the PM role, Right Seat and the two other options ON. We do now longer advise settings like roles to be done before the connection is made and the session is entered.




6) Now click JOIN SESSION if you want to be able to fly, or OBSERVE SESSION if you just want to sit on the observer seat. 


Note that as observer you can do everything you can normally do, pan around, move in the cockpit and even click buttons (you should not do that). But nothing will be sent to the server, it's a receive only role





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