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What is Connected Flight Deck?

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What is Connected Flight Deck?
Connected Flight Deck (also known as CFD) allows you to fly your aircraft as part of a crew. You can have the role of the Captain, the First Officer or Observer.

Why we feel Connected Flight Deck is important
Simply put, because flying an airliner on your own is silly, unrealistic and illegal. Now pilot would even dream about it.  Flying a big aircraft is a team effort and the crew coordination is a very important part of piloting. Just like many pilots took the step to fly online with real ATC, it’s now time for the next step and fly as a crew. Of course, it is also much more fun.

So how does it work?
The Captain sets up the flight, the First Officer (and/or Observers) connect to the same session and you are done. That’s ALL done inside the simulator.

Yes, you can sit at your computer, running the P3D and join a flight. It’s like watching a Twitch stream on steroids as you are inside the cockpit, can pan around, see the outside view, whatever. You can also talk to the crew, you just can’t use any of the controls.  This is also ideal if you want to teach people. Or be the instructor. Or find 200 other people and pretend to be the passengers.

Is it complex to set up?
With the previous version that used a peer to peer protocol connecting the two computers was complex and we always got the same problems. "This stuff always means opening ports in the router, making new rules in the firewall, typing in IP numbers etc. Complex and not for beginners. Always fails.“
Well, not anymore, our server-based system should avoid this for 99% of people. As it uses the same protocols as a standard website, the fact you can read this means that you can connect.

What about my privacy?
Well as it is a server-based system, we store the general things like your IP address and when you connected.  We also store limited information on your session, we do not have any personal data like your name or information on your order. 

What happens if Aerosoft will not be around to host the server?
Not likely as we are doing actually rather good and are still growing fast, but stuff happens. We promise to deposit the source files of the server section to a well-respected party in our small scene, Joe Lawford of  Mutleys Hangar. We do not have any commercial links with Joe.

Show me a graphic about the system!
Sure. Here you see how things connect.  Note there is NO direct connection between the users. That means your system is never open to attacks as it would be in a peer to peer system.  We believe the current server can handle 200 concurrent sessions. When the need arises we can create multiple servers in different parts of the world.  Our first tests indicate that speed is more than adequate. 




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