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i had the CRJ 700-900 in december, as a gift for christmas from my daughter and since then i find it impossible to fly with it. Since this morning i made 10 attempt to have a perfect flight, but it doesnt work.


ive made many research on videos, crj documentation, aerosoft forums, but i cannot find any answers

i know how to start it, and prepair to fly on the runway. after i leave the runway, clic SPEED, clic NAV, and at 600 AUTOPILOT. try to keeping it at 180 speed then 200, then 250,

plane goes up and down, not stabilizing  the speed, not stabililizing the altitude. Trying with the TRIM at 0, 3, 4, 7, 8, impossible to stabilize the trim. either the speed and altitude.


i have the CH yoke and there is three ways for the trim.......with the yoke, elevator trim and directly on the yoke side.....i tried all three, same problem.

i took off every trim settings in the fsx settings...same problem........


i saw in DAVE the trim is at 7.8........in the CRJ manager at 6.2........on the EICAS 2,... 4.7.........so witch one is the good one.


if i chase the speed, the trim and the altitude , as soon its near the selected altitude, it goes up,,,,,,then begin to going down.  tried to rectify with the speeds, at MAN then TOGA, then FULL


 my son got the CRJ 200 and he has the exactly same problem...........i tried it with DAVE information payload, vpeed etc.....tried it all empty.....same problem. tried it without DAVE same problem.

tried it with the CRJ MANAGER, same problem............ive uninstall the crj, re download and re install the crj with new update and fixes.........same problem. everytime as ADMINISTRATOR.


FSX and CRJ  are INSTALLED in steam.......... FSX is STEAM...CRJ ...idownloaded it from SIMMARKET. so not the steam one. i have no problems with my other airplanes.AIRBUS .DASH 8, etc....


i run everything on WINDOWS 7, and it is very stable...........before i had it on WINDOWS 10 and i had many, many problems regularily.......I5 , 16 GIG 1 terra disk. everything leggit and pay

in my computer. i even took out the antivirus, and also windows defender.


i need a big, big help please.


thank you, lucien paquette







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The trim in DAVE is the calculated takeoff trim, based on the actual aircraft weights. The trim in CRJ Manager is the calculated takeoff trim. The trim in EICAS 2 is the current trim, which during the takeoff run and for the first few seconds of flight should equal the trim shown in DAVE.


As soon as you manually trim, the autopilot disconnects. The normal speed profile is V2+10 until 1500ft and then 250 knots. I usually go from V2+10 to 210 knots first, then change the throttle from TOGA to CLB and retract the flaps. Once that's done, I set the selected speed to 250. I've never had any problems with that.


What does DAVE show for CoG (Center of Gravity) for your loadout?


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in DAVE center of gravity says  15.5             CRJ MANAGER  31.17              


so DAVE takeoff trim should be the same as CRJ MANAGER........if i understand..????


are we oblige to trim ??? because everytime i just put one notch down or up the plane goes crazy.  Is the plane not suppose to automatically stabilize the altitude ????


thank you lucien paquette






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Lucien, I think you confuse the CRJ with much more modern aircraft. I do think you trim channels are set to very strange settings though. That is standard FS though, not something special to this add-on.


Who don't you take some time to check things out? After all this is an aircraft flown by thousands of people so we know it is pretty okay. Adding a lot of question marks to questions does not make them more valid.

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vor 49 Minuten, lucienpa sagte:

Is the plane not suppose to automatically stabilize the altitude 

Of course the CRJ does that, but it depends on whether your flight settings are correct.

Remember that the CRJ doesn't have an autothrottle. It is up to you to maintain the correct speed.


I only do one trim adjustment during flight preparation. Then Hands off. This is enough for the whole flight in autopilot mode.
Only when approaching manually do I sometimes correct the trim.

Could you take a screenshot of a flight planning of the CRJ-Manager?


Regards, Wolfgang

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yes i understand.  For sure i am mixed up.  i will try and check what HANS told me because for the plane itself, its superbe, and i like it a lot.

i will find the way. and what is messed up with this.


thank you very  much


lucien paquette.

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hello MATHIJS, and HOFFIE,


I just made three times in a row out of four a perfect flight, by, following HANS instructions, i have a bit difficulty when i take off but

then the plane stabilize at the selected altitude. and then stabilize the speed. and i dont either touch the trim.  for my tests i have to be at 3,500 when it

arrives at 3,500 it goes up near 4,000 but then descend to 3,500, and im scared to touch the trim because i know what it will cause, maybe i will make a test just to

see if i make just one notch  of trim will do..........


for the CRJ MANAGER i dont even follow it because it mix me up , so i just follow DAVE. here is the crj manager screen.



thank you very much you all because i am a bit more happy then the two past months that i had trouble with the crj and i know for sure

its not aerosoft fault.


and also MATHIJS dont care about your english, me im french from montreal and i make many, many, mistake to let people understand me when im writing in english.


lucien paquette


Snap 2019-02-23 at 17.49.03.png

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Lucien, good to read that you're making progress. 

But I wonder where you get the information for DAVE from, because the image from the CRJ manager contains practically no data for a flight.
If you really want to fly without passengers, practically without cargo and fuel, I'm not surprised about your problems.
With an empty airplane the reactions are naturally very direct.


Have you flown the tutorial flight from the CRJ documents folder?


I would do a simple flight from Montreal to Toronto like this:



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hello HOFFIE


I was testing my flight from CYUL to CYHU  Montreal to St Hubert airport, because not  very far

about 26 miles. so more faster to test.

and for the test i let DAVE as it is , so even more faster to do the test. for the CRJ MANAGER

at first ive let it like it was originately, but then i tried to change it and put it nearly at zero.


yes i saw the CRJ document about the tutorial flight, but then i was discouraged and let it down.


ok i will make this test from Montreal to Toronto by following what you just send me for the CRJ MANAGER


i will give you news about that, if youre in Germany i think its around 15h20 here its 09h20 in Montreal

i dont know till when youll be there but for sure i will give you news about that


thank you i appreciate it very much


lucien paquette



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got another problem..............i fullfill the CRJ MANAGER as you said


then i go in fms try to enter the co route.............LOAD ERROR,  every other routes are working but this one is not


i use SIMBRIEF for my flights, and even if i try to enter another route for YYZ it doesnt work , always LOAD ERROR.


iVe checked were it is saved and the route is saved in the right folder...........DIGITAL AVIATION--FLIGHTPLANS


also ive checked in the PILOT ROUTE LIST in the fms and the route is there, but when i clic on it  LOAD ERROR.

ive read the instructions in the FMS documentation but that doesnt really help.


QUESTION :  do i have to enter CRJ MANAGER information first and then send it to DAVE, or vice versa......i just saw that

                       if i enter CRJ MANAGER first and clic SET FUEL AND PAYLOAD IN SIM  it set it in DAVE.........


thank you


lucien paquette




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just made a test............usually i download the plan from SIMBRIEF and for montreal toronto it doesnt work in the

crj fms.


so what ive done , i downloaded another flightplan from another source.........copy it in DIGITAL AVIATION , FLIGHTPLANS


and it worked...........so the problem= SIMBRIEF ITSELF.


lucien paquette

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just made the route MONTREAL to TORONTO,  nearly perfect...........not far from the runway i was waiting to see the TOD message on the fms

but didnt saw it, but i knew were it was, so i took it manually and i land a bit before the runway.  thats ok for me because sure i need practice.


so thank you very very much for your help, and i wish you give me just a little response for my questions above.  about the CRJ MANAGER and DAVE

witch one first......or both....DAVE or CRJ MANAGER.


HANS had gave me a great help by telling me 1,500 then 250 from witch i glued it in my brain ahahaha

i am very very happy now that i understand a lot lot more about the CRJ


we read documentation but read fast because we want to fly the more faster we can. and also so many people give false informations

that is why i was so mixed up...........some says ok at 200 auopilot etc...others says ok at 600 autopilot etc...etc...well i should have

taken the time to ask before passing two months without flying the CRJ.  so happy now.


i will tell this to my daughter because she gave it to me as a gift for last christmas..


now i know the 737, the airbus, and when ill be more experience with the CRJ then it will be the DASH 8 witch i own  and ouffffffffff


thank you very very much


lucien paquette.


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Please be patient, our people deserve a Sunday off now and again.


Also, in the future we would appreciate you making one post per separate issue, as this will help people who read the posts in the future, especially when they chose to search our forum for answers to specific issues.


I will answer one or two of your questions now, and one of the CRJ Experts will answer the others (likely tomorrow).


5 minutes ago, lucienpa said:

witch one first......or both....DAVE or CRJ MANAGER.


Take yourself out of the aircraft and think about this logically.  A dispatcher will generate the Load Sheet (Done by you using the CRJ Manager).  Then you use Dave to input the correct values, and transfer them (if you wish) automatically to the FMS.  So with that in mind...


CRJ Manger




2 hours ago, lucienpa said:

then i go in fms try to enter the co route.............LOAD ERROR


I just did a flight and it worked perfectly.  Did you first load the CORoute in the Secondary Flight Plan per the instructions and tutorial?



I hope this gets you sorted out my friend.


My very best wishes.



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i understand,  and yes i tried it but it dIdnt work for cyul cyyz from simbrief........i download the route from another site

and it worked. because all the other routes were working but not cyyz


i understand now the CRJ MANAGER and i use it


thank you again,   just made another flight from CYUL to KBOS , no problem at all , all perfect and also as autolanding.


lucien paquette

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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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