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Matthias Markus

Strange FL at MCDU

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Hallo Guys,

on my flight today EDDH/EDDK I realized strange FLs on the display:




After arriving OSN there ist T/C with FL 340. At ABAMI FL is only 279 and at BAM FL 258. At T/D there is FL 340 again. But:




6 nm later there is FL 163. The AC is A 320-214 CFM Shark, Vers I use GSX and AS for P3D 4.4. too. System Windows 10. Flightplan: STADE UM170 OSN T884 ABAMI UM170 BAM.





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I'll check it myself but I believe that the flight is so short that FL340 is not really reachable which causes this odd behaviour.

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It does appear to be messed up.  you can try copying the active flight plan to the secondary then activate secondary and see if that clears it up.  Just a thought when something weird pops up.  I have correct speed issues dropping to low 100's by using the secondary flight plan in this way.  I don't know why it works but it's worth a try in the interim.  it is a very short time at cruise as well so that might have been the issue here as posted above.

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