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A330 lights

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Hi Aerosoft team,


I am very much looking forward to the release of the A330 when it happens!

One question; Would it be possible to have the external lights (nav, strobe, beacon) appearance improved for the A330 compared to the A320 series? I feel the A320 series lights look similar to freeware aircraft I used to use for fs2004 and could be improved for the A330 (and possibly updated for the a320 series?) with a less 'oversized' look that is similar to IRL. 


While I know this is a minor thing, I feel it would really improve the immersion feeling and overall quality of the aircraft. 


Many thanks and best wishes,



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Aaron, while you perhaps decided to post this in the A318/A319/A320/A321 (already released) support section instead of the A330 preview thread (because it's closed), this isn't the place to ask for features on the A330. Since there isn't a place presently to post a question such as yours, I'm going to lock this so it's recorded if/when the A330 preview thread is opened. In the meantime,  may I ask you to please simply keep your suggestions until the preview thread is opened or maybe watch the preview thread for mentions of things you're hoping for. While that thread is closed to user comments, it's still very much open for the developers or program manager to provide updates and news on the A330.


Thanks in advance.

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