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The Aerosoft 2007 Christmas Card Competition.

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The Aerosoft 2007 Christmas Card Competition.

Hello Folks,

We decided to run the Aerosoft Christmas Card competition again this year after an absence Last year.

The aim is to make a card with a Christmas theme but needs to include at least 1 Aerosoft product as the main focus of the card. (Without this it wont be counted.)

You have from now till midnight the 25th December 2007 to enter.

The prizes.

There will be 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st = 3 X Download products of the prize winners choice.

2nd = 2 X Download products of the prize winners choice.

3rd = 1 X Download product of the prize winners choice.

No Cash Alternatives will be offered in lieu of prizes :)

The winners will be picked by a panel of judges and will be announced after the competiton ends. Please give us a few days to do this as we may still be recovering ourselves.


1: The card must include at least one Aerosoft Product of your choice or will not be counted.

NB: Please Name this Product when posting your card..

IE: Product used in the card is the Aerosoft BeaverX.

2: Please keep your cards to a reasonable size. 1024 x 780 should be fine.

3: Only 1 entry per forum user.

4: The competition closes on midnight 25th December GMT.

Then the thread will be locked.

5: Only post your entries on this thread, if you have any queries then post them on another thread,

this is solely for the cards. Any posts other than cards will be deleted.

6: The Judges decisions are final.

Good Luck Everyone, remember you have to be in it to win it.

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