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Help with flight planning (altitude)

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I'm currently flying VHHH-EGLL (attached). I have questions about two issues:


  1. In the FP the initial altitude is FL302 (Metric RVSM in China). However, in my aircraft with all these weights and such, PMDG offers me an easy FL322. So how can I get PFPX to offer me FL322 as well? Is it my aircraft performance profile? I'm using the one provided on Airliner Also, Active Sky is my weather engine in the sim and for PFPX.
  2. As you can see in the FP the altitude changes dramatically. Why can't I get a normal step climb profile? I have RAD 1902 installed from the downloads section.


I know this is a recurring issue from more people but I didn't find an answer to my situation in those treads. 

Thanks in advanced.

BAW32 VHHH-EGLL (18-Feb-2019) #1.pdf

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Hello Ashwant,


Are you certain that you are using a performance file from AirlinerPerformance as M0.88 cruise cannot be selected as an option, M0.84/LRC or Cost Index been the options. Perhaps you set the speed manually ?


Airway R480 has an upper limit of FL260


Airway R834 has an upper limit of FL260 for the segment used


Airway R805 has an upper limit of FL260


Airway Q800 has an upper limit of FL285


The airway limits are the reason for unwanted altitude changes.


Your arrival to Heathrow exceeds the STAR entry limit at LOGAN.




I planned the route using the airlinerperformance file with PFPX online weather and allowed PFPX to generate a route. All looks good, I cannot test in PMDG as I do not have the 773 expansion:


-K0935S0980 ATEN1E BEKOL A461 YIN/K0932S1010 A461
 OBLIK/K0917S1040 W129 CGO B208 NIXAL/K0888S1060 Y746
 DARNO/N0475F340 P982 TR A308 INBER/N0472F360 A308 ABK R104 RUPES
 A307 SOREB T631 NJC G716 PINEG/N0481F380 G716 KEGUL A714 KOMEK
-PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2T1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/190219 REG/B773
 EET/ZGZU0012 ZHWH0059 ZBPE0148 ZMUB0247 UNKL0416 UNNT0514
 USTR0622 UUYY0728 ULAA0810 ULLL0852 EFIN0915 ESAA1004 EKDK1041
 EGPX1114 EGTT1116 RVR/75


BAW32 VHHH-EGLL (19-Feb-2019) #1.pdf

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Hi Stephen,


thank Ng you very much for your reply and your FP. I’m going to study it against mine to learn from you.

I did set the speed manually as I was in a hurry to get back to LHR.


One thing, how are you able to check the airway altitude restriction? Like how to navigate within PFPX to determine this? I think in the future I can then identity these issues.



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If you use the 'route editor' and look at the summary tab you will find the airway flight levels listed there:



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Cruise levels in meters go west bound FL301, FL321, FL341,FL361,FL381,FL401,FL430. To start you may have FL256 or FL276 until atc will clear you higher due to crossing traffic. Regularly see traffic stuck at FL276 for an hour northwest out of HKG. Set RVSM in the FMC VNAV cruise page to the number 0.

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