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Camera views and weather map question

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Just got this product. Pretty nice but I do have a couple of issues completely unrelated:


1) when switching from outside view to virtual cockpit I am put in front of the default CAP cockpit view instead of the EZDOK cockpit cam that i made. Is there a way to make the EZDOK cam the default one?

2) How do I open the weather radar window which in any other plane is Shift+5? I have Active Sky for P3d and Shift+5 in this plane just opens one of the cameras.


Basically, is there a way to disable the default cameras?




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1) I'm sorry but I don't know. I own EzDok as well as Chaseplane, but I don't use either of them. However, I strongly recommend to use the default view because it's correctly aligned with the HUD and the three balls on the center post. Any movement of the eyepoint would compromise that.

2) The weather radar is shown inside the MFD. There's no separate window for that.

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