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Service Pack 1?

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is there anything new regarding Service Pack 1? Your customers bought the Airbus Professional expecting a service pack (and for example the Connected Flight Deck) within a short period of time. But the Release is now more than half a year ago. I know you don't publish any release dates, which I'm sure is better. But how far away is the update?


I also read, that your focus is now more on the A330 which seems bad for all A320 pilots here awaiting SP1. Or was the service pack and I didn't realize it? Thanks for any information on SP1.

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Part of the Service Pack content is already delivered (the cockpit printer for example), other parts like the CFD should be available soon. We decided not to keep it on our systems until it was all done. So the same content, just not the same 'name'. 


And indeed focus is now on the A330. But as we have to move over all systems they are all being looked at again and open issues we know of will be addressed at that time (and immediately released). So the updates will still be coming. 

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With SP 1 a possible translation of the manual VOL 6 in German was planned.
Will there be no translation in German for Airbus Prof., or is there anything else coming up?
Greetings Helmut



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We want to make sure Connected Flight Deck is included, so it will have to wait for that.

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