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Airbus Professional FSUIPC Settings

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Step 1. Move the left throttle lever and set up as shown in this screen.  Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration and select Throttle from the drop down menu.



Step 2. Go to page 1, Main flight controls and set it up as Throttle (direct!), move the lever and calibrate it.

This will have one lever controlling both throttles but not reverse.  For reverse I had to use another lever. (I have six on the TQ6).



Step 3. Use the same process for reversers.  Move the lever you want to use then tick Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration as shown.



Step 4. Go to page 7 and calibrate it in Reverser (direct!) and I ticked Reverser for jets only.



It now works perfectly across both the A318 and A319 because in the FSUIPC module I shortened the names of the Profile to:

1=Aerosoft A318

2=Aerosoft A319


This way FSUIPC will find all liveries so you don’t have to create separate profile for every plane.


Hope this helps someone.


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