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PFPX INIT ALT Behaving Wrong

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Hi Team,


I have recently purchased PFPX and am thoroughly enjoying every aspect, except for this one little niggle..


When planning a flight and selecting auto build route and releasing the flight, I get normal and acceptable cruise altitudes.

However, as soon as I modify any airway or waypoint deviating from the auto build route (Excluding SID's and STAR's), I get low unrealistic cruise altitudes.


For example. A flight from Auckland (NZAA) to Napier (NZNR) on auto-build will give me a cruise altitude of FL160 in the Q400. This is very close to real world ops.

Modifying the route to match that of real-world ops, which adds a matter of 10nm to the total distance, reduces the cruise altitude to 4000ft which is completely unrealistic, and is actually dangerous and brings the route below MSA in some parts. This is with the same loading and weather conditions.


I have tried this on multiple routes on short to mid-range flights, and I can only get normal cruise altitudes with auto-build routing. As soon as I modify the route, the altitude is drastically affected.  


Any help would be hugely appreciated, however from what digging I've done it seems it may be a bug?


Kind Regards

Liam Sutherland

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12 hours ago, srcooke said:

Hello Liam,


Can you post your OFP

Hi Stephen,


Have compiled a whole list of OFP's. 

The OFP's with AUTO in the file name are built using the auto-build route, and MANUAL is manually inserting another waypoint/airway.


RLK875 and ANZ559 both show how the INIT ALT is affected by changing the auto build route.


In particular, I created another flight (ANZ558) same routing as (ANZ559) with an auto-build route. And the flight level is unrealistically low even with an auto-build route.

Flight aware shows FL's for this route at FL370 or FL350. Even trying to optimise the flight level using FL Optimisation set at MIN FUEL, it still gives me FL330 for the INIT ALT. When I manually enter FL370, it gives me far less fuel usage. So it seems that PFPX is not taking into account the most economical cruise level.


Anything I may be doing wrong?


Kind Regards

Liam Sutherland









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Your original issue can be seen in RLK875 NZAA-NZNR MANUAL.txt and reproduced in the attached, clearly this should not be the case and doesn't happen on the auto-route.








NZAA-NZNR (08-Feb-2019) #1.pdf

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Interesting. Good to know I'm not the only one with the problem. Hopefully, you can find a fix for an upcoming update.


The other issue is no matter the setting of Optimise Flight Level or Cruise Altitude, the given FL will be the same for an auto-build route.

This occurs when I set MAX FL, OPT OPEN, MIN FUEL, MIN COST etc etc.. This means that to get a realistic and the most cost-effective FL, I have to play around with the FL manually.


Is this a known issue, or something new?


Kind Regards

Liam Sutherland

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There are some issues with the developer Liam that appear to affect short-trip cruise altitude.

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