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Plane idles too fast

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I just started using the HOTAS Warthog throttle quadrant.  The first time using it on the CRJ-900, it seemed the plane was idling too high and so the taxi speeds were excessive. 


After reading the forums, I am to understand that normal idle is 21% of N1.  Well, idling on my plane was at 33% of N1.  How do I get it back to 21%?


The throttle quadrant has been calibrated though P3DV4 and not FSUIPC.



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That's the anti-ice system. With wing or engine anti-ice, the idle N1 goes up to 30%. With both, it goes up to even 35%. All is working as expected.


Winter is coming!

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Thank you so much.  That makes sense!  I'll give it a try!

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