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Sim sped up causes crash

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I have found that the buses while on cruise and moreso on decent lose control when the simulation is sped up by 2 or 4 times. I can initiate decent on autopilot and have the sim sped up by just x2 or as i said 4 and it seems to bounce or rock and violently after a shirt period sometimes then climb severely or dive severely. There aren't any major heavy weather factors causing turbulence so im curious as to it being some kind of bug or issue in the dynamics?


This was in the most recent version prior to


Not sure if this has been mentioned before?

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Of course this is a guess, but I think what is happening on your computer is that the sim loading at accelerated rates is too much for your processor or GPU.  I am able to run at x4 rate without issues ALTHOUGH if the weather textures are really heavy then I will experience what you are seeing.


So I believe this is simply that your hardware, or any third party shaders/textures and of course any tweaks that you may have are causing this.



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