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Airbusses updated to

Mathijs Kok

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We have updated the A320/A321 professional and the A318/A310 professional to version This is NOT an update shared via the updater tool because we had several reported issues that most likely were caused by incorrect installations. We felt it was better to force a complete new install so everybody is on the same file set. You will find the complete new build on your order history page.



Please note you need P3D v4.4 for this build. Non-Experimental (save you liveries!)
    Bug Fix: Problems with Chrono fixed
    Bug Fix: Some fuel systems issues solved
    Improvement: ND elements updated to newer Airbus standard
    Improvement: Better GSX2 support
    Improvement: More and corrected AIDS prints
    Improvement: Corrected AoA on flare
    Improvement: Silenced 60/70 feet AGL calls
    Improvement: Better fonts for FCU, COMS etc
    Improvement: ND Runway drawing now includes MAGVAR

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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