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What I need to rename A321 IAE to make SATCOM..

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What to I need to rename into Finnair A321 IAE, if I want satellite antenna into model?

I try to rename MODEL=EXTIAEShark to MODEL=EXTIAESHRKJB, but the fuselage is now blue (picture).


Finnair A319 CFM works if rename (below) those two files, but A321 IAE does not include those files. Off course MODEL rename too from DAIBA to CFMSAT.


""Hey, swetters


Try renaming the,  AS_A319_EXTTAIL_C.dds   and   AS_A319_EXTTAIL_S.dds   to    AS_A319_EXTTAILSAT_C.dds    and    AS_A319_EXTTAILSAT_S.dds


Hope this helps.




Another picture is my Finnair A321 IAE texture folder






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Having the same issue here, guessing its the filename but would be handy to know what.

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