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Faroes4XPlane - Faroe Islands Scenery for X-Plane

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In addition to the german info- and support-thread about Faroes4XPlane:


Faroes4XPlane is a scenery package for X-Plane 11, developed by Maps2XPlane in cooperation with Albert Ràfols. It covers the Faroe Islands, which are situated between Norway and Iceland and are mountainous, windy, wet, cloudy and cool, what makes them a really challenging destination for air traffic. Faroes4XPlane features not only the Vágar Airport (realistically sloped, quite short runway) and the eight helipads which are spread over the islands, but also the stunning landscape (about 1.400 square kilometers of custom terrain mesh), seasonal representations as well as Faroese-themed autogen.


Be prepared for a challenging approach at the Vágar Airport: Do not lose your focus due to the stunning landscape, because you need to expect a strongly sloped and quite short runway – only 1799 meters. After your successful landing, start a helicopter and explore the scenic situated helipads and settlements.


Full list of all included overlay sceneries: The Vágar Airport (EKVG), the Froðba Heliport (EKFA), the Kirkja Heliport (EKKU), the Klaksvík Heliport (EKKV), the Mykines Heliport (EKMS), the Skúvoy Heliport (EKSY), the Stóra Dímun Heliport (EKSR), the Svínoy Heliport (EKSO) and Tórshavn/Bodanes Heliport (EKTB).



Key features

  • Realistic rendition of the complete Faroe Islands with an area of about 1400 km2
  • High resolution terrain mesh with various texture sets for a seasonal representation
  • Customized local terrain details, e.g. realistically sloped runway at the Vágar Airport
  • Detailed rendition of the Vágar Airport and eight helipads spread over the islands
  • Faroese-themed autogen, navigation obstacles and dynamic traffic on the islands
  • Hundreds of custom objects with PBR materials, 3d vegetation, night lighting


Faroes4XPlane is available directly here in the Aerosoft Shop.

For further information and screenshots visit my website.

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Just a short notice about the work in progress on an extensive update for Faroe Islands XP:
We can already reveal 3 out of 4 main objectives: Vegetation, Autogen and Landmarks.








A detailed feature list follows quite soon within an official announcement.

In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of the Faroe Islands XP (available in the Aerosoft Shop).

For further information about #Faroes4XPlane visit my website.

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