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Panel Lighting A3xx Professional

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the cockpit interior lighting of the instrument panels, both sides and overhead is VERY dark.This is with all the light buttons turned to max. How can I make this less black and a lighter grey ?


Carey :(

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Do you use any shader tweaks?

What are your are lighting settings in P3D?


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Any screenshot please!

If you installed to a long folder name structure P3Dv4 maybe can’t load the texture as it is maxed by the sim to 256 characters.

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The best place to start is with Monitor Calibration.  I recommend a freeware tool called Calibrize.


After you are sure that your monitor is correctly calibrated most darkness related issues will be resolved.




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You could also take a look at this post by Mathijs regarding "hidden" colors at the dark and light end of your monitor's display range. Follow the suggestions, then (and only then) take a look at the graphic file. If you followed instructions, you'll see your dark areas have more detail. All this should be in connection with the other suggestions such as a properly calibrated monitor using Dave's advice.


Here's Mathijs' post:



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