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Progamming CRJ700/900 FMS

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Good afternoon,

I am writing from LYON / France (But my english is not so perfect!!)
I am a regular user of Aerosoft CRJ700 / 900.
The latest update was made via the Aerosoft Updater.
My config: FSX boxed, Windows 10/64 bit family edition, two ssd 250 G and one hard drive 1 tera, 16 gigas ram.
I have been in contact for some time with Tom Wellige (Aerosoft - Support Service) who advised me to post my problem on this forum.

Despite this long-awaited new update, it seems unfortunately that my problem is still not solved ....

However I ask myself the question: "Do I proceed correctly to set the FMS?"
For that I would like to allow me to explain to you in detail how I proceed... May be there is something wrong in this process?!
It will be a bit long to explain, but thank you in advance for your patience ...

1 / I use the Simbrief software ( https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php) to create my flight plan; (for example LFLL / LFMN). This one is then loaded in "This pc / Document / Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ / Flights Plans" and of course i find him in this folder. The “AIRACS” are always updated with Navigraph.
2 / I open FSX, then I choose the CRJ.
3 / I launch the CRJ in FSX at the departure airport point (LFLL).
4 / I select the mode "Cold and Dark" with Dave.
5 / I run the APU to get power.
6 / I validate the position of the aircraft with the two appropriates buttons in the pedestal.
7 / I set "Payload and Fuel" set and ‘Copy Data to Perfinit” with Dave.
8 / In the FMS, I click on "POS INIT"
9 / I select the position and click on "SET POS"
10 / I enter the ICAO code of the departure airport (LFLL)
11 / I click on "FLPN" on the button at the bottom right of the FMS to obtain the next FMS screen.
12 / And, is this new screen, it is impossible to validate the OACI code of departure airport, in the appropriate field of the FMS. The EXEC button of the FMS does not activate and I cannot go further in the programming ....

What do you think about this process?
However, if, at the launch of the CRJ at the departure airport, I do not place it in “Cold and Dark” mode, but simply engines stopped and APU activated, in this case, the FMS programming is possible.....
Or, simply avoid placing the CRJ in 'Cold And Dark' mode?? But in this case, it is not logical and not very realistic!
If there is any solution, I think that only you can give it to me!
Do you think you can help me?

In advance I thank you very warmly.
Best regards.
Yves B.





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Hi Hans!

Many thanks for your so quick answer...

For your information, i have installed the last updated version yesterday evening with the Aerosoft Updater.... But as i told you,

the problem is still remaining....

I think that i will uninstall and reinstall properly the CRJ via my shop JustFligh account... perhaps this will fix definitivly this problem

I will keep you informed.

Best regards.


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