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Ray Proudfoot

Manual selection of SID changed Cruise FL

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Yesterday I planned a flight from ENGM to EKCH. Learjet 25 which can cruise up to FL450.


I looked at the SID and decided it was taking a long route so selected another with the same exit point but a slightly different departure routing.


The cruise level was shown as 110 which is absurd. I tried it again today and went with the SID selected by PFPX and the cruise level was 390. Far better.


Why would manually selecting an almost identical SID have such an effect? Departure was 01L.

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I have the same Problem.


I try to Plan a Flight vom LOWG to LOWW


The Routing from LOWG to LOWW is "ROPAG DCT NIGSI"


Therefor i plan the whole Flight, then click on Edit to change the Runways, SID and STARS


I enter 17C as Departure Runway with ROPAG3G SID

In Vienna i choose Runway 29 for Arrival with NIGSI1W arrival and 30 Miles Circuit IN


Then when i click on Compute PFPX gives me this Flightplan :


-PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/190116



3000 Feet is for sure NOT correct and this results in Error Messages !!





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There is a known issue with the SID/STAR length automatic selection, it may be that this is linked to that same issue.

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I generated the same flight this morning and departing 01R or 01L to the same SID point gave acceptable flight levels. I'll keep trying until I can generate the problem then will post flight details. No point until I have hard evidence.

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I could reproduce Kevin's error and when using the Find Route function a SID is not selected whereas it should be, the low altitude is also then returned. The altitude issue certainly looks to be related to this function not working correctly.

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And this is really annoying..

Is there a Way that the Devs can fix this Issue ?

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