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AS Roma Ciampino Aircraft wheels sink in

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I have realized today, that all aircraft at this airport sink in about half the height of the wheels. Even on a problem reported because of ORBX Vector (Problem with height), the pictures shown after solving the problem show the wheel sink in. Something is wrong with altitude. In the ADE file the airport is at 426.995 ft. In the aircraft the altitude is shown 430.7 ft. This difference is also a bit unusual, 




Another pic from the MyTraffic 737 AI a little bit better




I have ORBX Vector too and LIRA is disabled. No other LIRA is used. I have Samscene Rome City scenery but this has no effect as disabling it, did not cure the sink in. 


Any ideas what could cause that? Is it everywhere or just my system?





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I have the mesh resolution 10m/px. Also better resolution does not change it. How does it look at an aerosoft test pc?


P.S. Where is Frank, the Avatar, mentioned in the manual. It seems not to be installed. 

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