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Fuel loader not working


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Hello, so far i've been enjoying the busses since I changed my gpu for christmas with no issue, but I now have a problem. I can't start the fuel loader.It says me it's the xml error (0,0). I've seen other posts telling that I should erase the savedsettings.xml but it didn't work. Updated to latest build,no change... I'm out f ideas about this.




Have a nice day though! Charly

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Nope,simple fix. Had the old bus some day and didn't go in the proper folder 


Anyway, have a nice day


fix: delete the savedsettings.xml in the Your documents/aerosoft/general/A3XX Fuel planner



You can now close this topic                                                             Damn i'm so dumb :dumb_me_s:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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