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Checklists and Missed Approaches

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Hi and Happy New Year!

On a similar theme to this thread:



P3D 4.4

Latest experimental version.
Approach mode=active.


I was too high on my approach and hadn't yet heard the landing check-list.
Activated the go-around phase by pushing thrust into TOGA and I heard the captain announce "go-around" then the FO commanded "Flaps, gear up etc.".
I never heard a go-around check-list - does one exist?
ATC vectored me back round to the FAF but no more check-lists were triggered (Approach, Landing, After Landing, Parking etc.).  
I was able to activate approach mode again.
It seems that check-lists are very fragile and break easily when something out of the ordinary happens.

Is this expected behaviour?

Many thanks,


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you are writing "when something out of the ordinary happens" and that this is the problem. The whole functionality is based on normal procedures / certain assumptions and it means that a GA is performed on FINAL e.g. on the final leg with no more waypoints with altitude constraints to the runway, glide slope and localizer are captured, GA altitude set , etc.. Try it that way and everything in connection with a GA works as required. There is no specific CL but in that case certain actions are automatically performed (based on certain settings) by the crew like FLAPS UP and GEAR UP etc. and you can fly another approach with all CL working well.

The checklists cannot cover abnormal situations because each CL is based on certain assumptions / settings - and there is no possibility to think about and cover all possible varieties. In your case I would suggest to follow the flight path and wait until the plane is in the state as described above and then engage GA......






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Hi Hanse,

As always, what you say makes perfect sense.

Best regards,


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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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