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Encountered an improper argument

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Hi, I have just installed PFPX and have attempted to add an aircraft to the database. I first looked at the 'Add new aircraft from Template' but a lot of the aircraft I have are not included. However, I tried to add the PMPG Boeing 737-600 NGX (which I have) but keep getting  the error message "Encountered an improper Argument" The same thing happens with the PMDG B373-700 NGX and the PMDG 737-800 NGX. However, the PMDG Boeing 737-800W NGX & PMDG Boeing 737-900W NGX load fine. What is the problem that I am getting, or to be more precise, how can I overcome it?  


Another query I have is that if I wish to add an Airbus 319, 320 or 321 manually, when clicking on the drop down list these aircraft are listed as possible choices, but how do I know if I am selecting the default aircraft, the FS Labs versions or the latest Aerosoft versions, all of which I own?


Many thanks for any help.

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Try opening the template file located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTemplates using Notepad and re-saving it to the same location, then try adding the aircraft again.


The aircraft performance files are generally not specific to a particular addon and therefor just list as a type when using the 'add new aircraft option, adjust the capacities and weights weights to match that of your addon, this is my preferred method, you can also save this as your own template for future use.


A template contains the adjusted capacities/weights etc to apply to a performance file

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Hi thanks very much for your reply. I did read that fix from an earlier query and tried it but to no avail.


Just so that I understand and am doing it correctly, I copied the PMDG Boeing 737-600NGX txt doc in the Aircraft Templates folder, onto a new notepad txt doc and saved it as the same then resaved it to the Aircraft Templates folder, overwriting the original?





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For the iFly issue posted I simply opened the file with notepad followed by file\save as and saved it straight back.


I could not reproduce the problem with the -600 NGX file.


As an interim workaround use the 'add new aircraft' option and set the weights accordingly.

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Hi Stephen, thanks again. I have just reinstalled it but still the same issue. I have successfully installed it using the add new aircraft option but where do I find the weights etc to set accordingly? Is it included within the particular aircraft cfg?

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