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I have PFPXv2.03 , TOPCAT v2.74 and 1 year subscription.

I have an error when :
Adding an aircraft

into PFPX

when using

Add aircraft from template

throws an error (see attached video).
Encountered an improper argument.


I previously sent a ticket to FlightSimSoft but no reply.


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Thanks for the reply.


Initially tried to get the iFLY 747-400 PFPX/TOPCAT templates from the Flight One library:

But the file was not there (not found).

So I posted on the iFly Fly747 P3D forum and was then sent download link for the profiles.
I then added the profiles to TOPCAT and PFPX.
I assumed the templates were previously tested (Ok, good to go).

Also, I initially posted the problem(s) on the iFly747 P3D forum:


I was told to post on other e.g. forums/support areas for help.

My post was moved from the iFly 747-400 P3D Support area to the Pilots forum for user support (in case anyone want to have a look)..


I have never edited any profiles in the past but I will have a look and try your suggested fixes.

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TOPCAT profiles had Pax=299 already in the correct format.

I opened each of the PFPX Airccraft Templates (iFly747-400) . txt files (18 in all) into Notepad and saved again.

Did a quick test and no error.

Looks like a great fix!

Thanks, much appreciated.


Later I went to the TOPCAT folder and re-saved the 6 iFly747 files also ... just to be safe.


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