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Mega Airport Munich available for P3Dv4?

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I created already 2017 following question in this forum:




Are there now some news, regarding the Airport Munich airport?

Thx a lot in adavance!

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While the EDDM scenery does not have a compatible P3Dv4 installer, the scenery itself works fine in P3D.  Now this is a sticky point that I want you to understand.  The scenery does indeed work fine on my system (running P3Dv4.4), but since it was not created for P3Dv4 we don't officially support it.


If you want to add the scenery, you'll need to create a New Folder, copy the Prepar3d.exe file to it, and then point the installer to this location.  Then you can add the scenery using Lorby's P3D Addon Organizer (which is very simple and easy to do following the Lorby P3DAO instructions).


Best wishes.


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