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Richard McDonald Woods

Q400 aircraft type not recognised by PFPX v2

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Hello Richard,


Confirm the Q400_v1.00.per is placed in AircraftTypes.


The aircraft is added use the Add New Aircraft option and not from template:



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Hi Stephen,

Yes, the Q400.per is in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes and renamed, as suggested by Mykyta, without the v1.00 part.

In the Aircraft List window I then Add a New Aircraft (not New fromTemplate) but the dropdown does not list the Q400.

But since raising this issue I realise that there is already a Bombardier Dash8-Q400 present in PFPX v2.03 as released (shown in your picture).

So my query remains unresolved but at least I can plan a Q400 flight.

Many thanks,

A Happy New Year,

Regards, Richard

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The original image is that of the .per file:




The file supplied with PFPX would list as Bombardier Dash8-Q402

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Thanks Stephen

My original problem with the downloaded Q400_v1.00.per from AirlinerPerformance.net has become unnecessary as I now realise that there is the Bombardier Dash8-Q402 already present.

Many thanks for your help,

A very happy New Year

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