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Autopilot locking/freezing

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I've been having an issue with the CRJ where/with the autopilot basically freezing and does not follow a route.


I left KGRR this morning and flew runway heading from RY35.  I turned left and went direct to ELX.  Turned the autopilot on, hit NAV on the MCP but the autopilot flew in NAV mode disregarding the course to ELX. I tried putting the autopilot back into HDG to go direct ELX again but the autopilot won't respond.  I had to move my joystick to get the autopilot to disarm so I could turn the airplane back on course.


On a previous flight, the autopilot was following course but blew right past a turn to the next fix.  It just kept flying straight.  Again, had to move my joystick to basically "wake" the airplane/autopilot up.


I'm not sure what's causing this.

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