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Why we need dynamic checklists

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Last night I was flying from LTBA to LTBJ, A320 CFM.


10 minutes after take off, reaching FL240, I re-routed and init the MCDU by typing in FROM: LTBA, TO: LTFJ.

I was level at FL240 when I re-init the route. I put in FL240 as cruise level.


So my checklists were no more meaningful or usable. I was already at cruise level, while the MCDU still wanted me to climb to cruise level and stuck at CLIMB checklist step.


I know this is not SOP, but it may happen. When something like that happens, we may be able to jump to the DESCENT PREP checklist, or maybe even, APPROACH or FINAL.


Because who knows when one should need to abort his climb and return back to some airport, so the checklist need to jump from AFTER TAKEOFF to APPROACH directly.


Was that on the future feature list already?

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Sorry, NO. What you did was not a normal SOP and in the Airbus the CL only covers normal procedures...... You should have entered in the MCDU LTFJ as alternate destination and adapted the flight path accordingly as well as the FL. Then the CL would have recognized those changes and would proceed the normal way. For each of the various CL states a certain aircraft state is the basis to start and this happens when the plane is on the ground and you are using one of the 4 predefined aircraft states. But to define various aircraft states when the plane is in the air is not possible because there are so many variables which could be different.......




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