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Updates for fsx


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Will there still be updates for fsx  or is that chapter closed?

I ask because I still have a problem which I posted on 26 April 2016


"In my first flight with the A320 I have noticed some speed discrepancies.

On the PERF page using a CI of 25 it gives a CLB speed of 286/.75

However, in the actual climb, the speed adheres to the 286 but at  crossover it exceeds the .75 and slowly increases to .769

At altitude capture, it reduces back to .75 and stays there for the CRZ."


The reply I received from Frank Doctor was - "

Alright, I did two flights and I can replicate the problem. It is now in the buglist for SP4.


Thanks for reporting."  that was 01 May 2016


Was this ever fixed and if not, will it be fixed?




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