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Thrust Reverses kicking in late on the Airbus A321 with IAE engines

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I bought your product a few weeks ago and except a few minor bugs it’s a pretty good aircraft. Nevertheless I have a problem with the reverse thrust engaging pretty late around 90 to 80 knts on the Airbus A321 with IAE engines. It’s quite weird as it works perfectly on the A321 and A320 with CFM engines almost instantly after touching down. I have already read that the IAE engines need a bit longer to spool down and so I have tried to switch the thrust levers a bit earlier to Idle when I am at 50 feet but still the reversers kick in pretty late around 80 knts which is normally almost the speed where you switch them off.

I use the T.16000M FCS Flightstick and the TWCS Thrustlever and tried to recalibrate them as well as adjusting the null zone but it didn’t have any effect on the IAE engines. As said, it works perfectly fine with the CFM engines. Do you guys have any idea or is it a bug ? 

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vor 14 Minuten, Mathijs Kok sagte:

We do believe this is a bug and it's on our list.

Great to hear that. Thanks for your effort 😊

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