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Configurations switches Overhead A320


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I'm building an Overhead and making panels like real. But is it necessary to have a program for config the switches a.s.o. I try to configurate in FSUIPC(registered) but the most switches do not their work. Or there are not the just mentions in FSUIPC. P.e. I tried to config Master APU and Start. Also is not possible to start engines. Only on the screen with the mouse. I use normal swithches, no Korry's. I suppose a Korry is also a normal on/off switch of moment?

So my question: to need a program? Anyone can help me?


Also, I suppose that there must be a script for the Korry's c.q. scwitches? Nowhere to find that there is need script.

Who can tell me more about these items.


With kindly regards



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At the moment I'm busy with making the panels. I have some switches on a panel. The light switches and AP buttons. But I will know how it works for the configuration. All switches and leds need a script I suppose. In the past I had Prosim for Boeing 737.

So it's not possible to config the APU MASTER/START. Not in the FSUIPC. Even I can't config the start panel with the switches.So I'm busy the get information before I purchase Korry's. The meaning is switches. Is cheaper.


With refards




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