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Frank J. Herter

GSX2 boarding not as expected

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Well guys the boarding with GSX2 works just semi-good.


Refueling works like a charm and the liters/gallons are counting upwards in the MCDU3/load and fuel.


If I than request boarding and fill in the number of pax the boarding and cargo loading starts but in the MCDU3 pax and cargo didn't count up. (Can see pax walking through the jetways)


I've to tick always the instant button.


at the opposite with deboarding it works perfectly pax leave the plane and cargo unload and both counts are counting down up the plane is empty.


Any ideas?


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It would probably be best to ask FSDT about this, at least at this point.


Best wishes!



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the whole GSX2 immersion into the Aerosoft Airbus is still WIP! We are currently adjusting the MCDU3 accordingly and and are also waiting for new variables from FSDT ....... So please be patient until the "completion" is finally announced.....




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