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APU truncated sound

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Hi, when I switch off the APU on the A319 the sound  lasts few seconds then suddenly drops. I checked the relative sample which is much longer with fade out till complete silence. How can I edit AB_Systems/sound.xml to have the full sample playing? Now I have these settings

<!-- Shutdown -->

(L:ASC_APU_timer, number) 840 >= (L:AB_OVH_APU_MASTER, number) 0 == && (L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 0 == && if{ 1 (> L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) } (L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 1 == (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 190 < && if{ 1 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut, number) -750 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut_VOL) 3 (> L:ASC_APU, number) (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 1 + (> L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) } (L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) 190 >= if{ 3 (> L:ASC_APU_Shut, number) 0 (> L:ASC_APUOff_played, bool) 0 (> L:ASC_APUOn_played, bool) 0 (> L:ASC_APU_timer, number) 0 (> L:ASC_APU_timer2, number) } 

Thanks in advance.

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