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P3D v4 Update Seems Big Improvement

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Just updated to P3Dv4 version and am pleasantly surprised how much better it looks than in FSX.


Am I imagining this ?


With the reflection and GTN mod, I am loving it.

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Well I am buying next week - along with SIM 720's Oban - so I will let you know !


I find that smaller airports are usually OK in P3D v4, and I do not use dynamic lighting, so hopefully all will be well !


Loving the Otter in P3D v4, but honestly - who the heck thought sticking the yoke right over the HSI and Vert Speed indicator was a good idea ?


Oh my Lord !


Sack them.


I have had to create a very awkward Chaseplane view, whereupon I can see both the those instruments AND the AP trim wheel, at the same time - what a nightmare.

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Gabe - Are you using P3Dv4.3 or have you updated to v4.4? 

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