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Heinz Flichtbeil

SAM - Scenery Animation Manager: Installation...

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here are a few hints to the new SAM plugin for X-Plane 11.

The Scenery Animation Manager is used for many of our new sceneries, but also for updates.


SAM is an X-Plane 11 plugin from Stairport Sceneries that controls animations in the sceneries. For example, the jetway animation, the Marshaller, etc. .....

SAM itself only needs to be installed once. 

Any scenery that contains a SAM configuration file can now use the plugin.


The actual plugin can be downloaded here.


Installation in X-Plane 11:

1. Unpack the downloaded zip file "Scenery Animation Manager ...".

2. open the extracted directory.

3. You get 2 more folders: Custom Scenery and Resources

4. open the folder "Custom Scenery"

5. Copy the "SAM_Library" folder into the Custom Scenery directory of your installed X-Plane 11 folder.

6. Open the folder "Resources" and then the folder "plugins".

7. Copy the "SAM" folder into the ... /Resources/Plugins/ directory of your installed X-Plane 11 folder.

8. Done.


Now, sceneries with a suitable SAM configuration file (sam.xml) can use the SAM plugin.

Nothing more needs to be done for that.


If you have questions, please open a new topic here for that.

Or look directly here:


Greetings Heinz

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