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Hans Hartmann

Clickspot Issues with Prepar3D v4.4

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Hello everbody,


It appears that Lockheed Martin has introduced a small change to how mouse clicks are handled in virtual cockpits. However, this small change has big consequences. In the case of the CRJ, this causes a problem with pushbuttons. If you press the mouse button in a pushbutton's clickzone and release it outside of this clickzone, your next mouse click (no matter where in the VC) will cause the pushbutton to be clicked again. For example, if you activated the NAV mode on the autopilot with the first click, your next click would deactivate it again. As a temporary workaround, please do this: after clicking a pushbutton, simply click the same pushbutton again, but this time using the right mouse button. This will cancel the pending left click.


Now, this is easy enough to fix, but unfortunately Stefan, our modeller, went on vacation the day before this problem was noticed (to India, so no chance to export new MDL files) and won't be back before mid-January.


Again, we apologize for this. It was just really bad timing.


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