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Looking for Aerosoft Updater

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Hello all,


I'm trying to solve an issue following the advice in this thread:


Problem is thought, I don't seem to have the Aerosoft Update or am unable to find it. I've had a look in this thread: 

But it doesn't help me, as I'm looking to update the CRJ (Don't have the Airbus series off Aerosoft). 


Following the above I've looked in my Documents/Aerosoft/ folder. But again without success.


I've attached some screenshots of my quest for the updater. 


Could someone point me in the right direction?









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You probably have an ancient version of the CRJ. The updater wasn't part of the installer before version 1.2.

I think the best solution is to re-download the CRJ from your shop account and reinstall it. You should see the updater after that.

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